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The Health Pass is a fold-over business card promotion with a special offer for new patients. Customized to fit you and your practice. Chose one of our templates and we create a proof for you to edit and approve before printing. Choose to include Dr.’s photo, special offers, map to office, list of conditions treated, memberships, etc. Available in 1, 2 and 4 color process on white card stock. Prices include up to three rounds of proofs, the product and FREE SHIPPING in continental USA.

Available in 3 Color Choices

  • 1 Color/Black – Photos appear in black and white
  • 2 Color – Printed in the two colors of your choice
  • 4 Color – Printed in 4 color process. All photos etc. are in color.
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First Time Orders: Place the “Info Needed” listed below in the “Order Notes” box at checkout or email the info separately to

Info Needed: 1) $ Amount of  Special Offer   2) $ Value of Exam   3) Office Logo (optional)   4) Website Address (optional)   5) Disclaimer (optional)   6) Dr. Photo (optional)  7) Special Requests/Other

Repeat Orders: No need to send “Info Needed” listed above. We will email you a proof using your info from the last order.

Proof Sent to your email within 3 business days after your order is processed.

Product Ships FedEx, UPS or USPS ground within 5 business days after approved for printing.

For Best Results: Use your Health Passes as a “minor” promotion between the “major” promotions. Always have them on hand to give to patients when they mention someone who needs your care. Do the July 4th or Summer Gift Certificates in June/July followed by Christmas/Holiday or New Year Gift Certificates in Dec/Jan. In the Spring and Fall months do Patient Appreciation and/or Dr with a Heart promotions (March and September/October). Fill in the remaining months of the year with Health Passes, Friends Helping Friends and Spinal Screenings.

How to use the Health Pass

Use your Health Passes as a “minor” promotion between the “major” promotions. Always have them on hand to give to patients when they mention someone who needs your care. You can also use them in referral thank you cards, etc.


“Mr./Mrs. Jones, it is our goal to help as many people as possible. However we do not come into contact with as many people as our patients do which is the reason for this Health Pass. One reason people do not seek help from a Chiropractor is the cost of the exam and x-rays. Please give these four Health Passes to people you feel could benefit from Chiropractic. They will receive the exam and x-rays at cost. We are doing this for one month and as you can see the Health Pass expires in one month. The reason I would like you to give the Health Pass to four different people is that one will throw it away, one will loose it, one will have a million reasons why they can’t make it in. However, one person will gladly use it and that’s the one we want to help. You may use this Health Pass for someone in your family, as well as a relative or friend. Thank you so much for your help”.

Other ways to utilize The Health Pass:

1. Carry it with you and use as a business card.
2. Place in referral thank you letters so your referring patients have a referral tool.
3. Place in Happy Birthday letters.
4. Leave it on the table of a restaurant along with your tip.
5. Give to the enthusiastic new patient at the end of first visit or after the Report of Findings.
6. Have your staff carry them as their own business card.
7. Empower your patients with their own business card by writing their name on the Health Pass.
8. The use of this referral tool is only limited by your creativity.