Dr. with a Heart Day/Week


Patient Appreciation Day or Week is a great way to give back to your patients and bring in new patients at the same time.

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How to Host a Dr. with a Heart Day or Week

Patient Appreciation Day will usually generate between 20-40 new patients. In order to handle the patients you will need at least 2 doctors and 3 CA’s. One CA will run the front desk, 1 CA will process film, and 1 CA will act as a hostess to help people fill out their preliminary history forms.

One of the doctors should consult and the other doctor should examine. In other words, no doctor should try to do the whole processing of the patients. You will find that you can do 20 new patients quite nicely.

If you are a single doctor try to enlist the help of another doctor who practices at least 30 miles away on the strength that you will show him how to host a Patient Appreciation Day as well.

The best day for a Patient Appreciation day is Saturday. You might hold it from 9:00am to 1:00 or maybe 3:00pm depending on the size of your practice and how many people you are able to schedule. As an alternative you can host a Patient Appreciation Week were all new patients are free all week and you give your established patients one free treatment during that week.

One question frequently asked is: “Do a lot of people not show up on Friday and instead show up on Saturday for the free adjustment?” the answer: not very many. But you do have people coming in for an extra free adjustment.

4-6 weeks in advance order your Chiromania Patient Appreciation Day flyers, postcards or brochures.

Two weeks before patient appreciation day, have a staff meeting wherein this special day is explained in detail to the CA’s and encourage them to generate enthusiasm with the patients. Also, explain to the CA’s that patient appreciation day will be a day of celebration, amusements, refreshments, and even some entertainment. This is an excellent opportunity for your patients to invite their spouse, friends, or relatives in to be examined and x-rayed free of charge.

Two weeks in advance send ypur Chiromania flyers, postcards or brochures to 500 or more patients depending on the size of your mailing list.

Monday two weeks prior to patient appreciation day put up your large Ciromania PAD banner in your reception room that reads:

This will generate questions from the patients and will also remind you to talk up your PAD.

Hand two brochures to each person who comes into the office after each adjustment saying: “Make sure you come Saturday for your free adjustment. Make sure you bring your family and friends.”

On the morning of your Patient Appreciation Day have your staff arrive early. You might want to treat them to a special breakfast and pep talk. The chances are good that you will be very busy this day.

You will want to have everything planned out such as:

One CA should be in charge of refreshments, showing a chiropractic video and helping were needed.

Another CA should be the receptionist, logging in patients as they come in.

Another CA should be in charge of x-ray processing.

The head doctor should consult new patients and adjust.

The second doctor should do exams and x-rays.

Give free treatments to the established patients, do not treat any new patients. New patients are scheduled for the following week for their Report of Findings and treatments at regular charges. The day can be an overwhelming success—be sure and plan for a busy day!

Necessary Supplies for this event are as follows:

1.A Chiromania pre-printed flyer, postcard or brochure to be mailed to your patients two weeks in advance advertising this day and encouraging them to make appointments for their friends and relatives.

2.Chiromania Patient Appreciation Day banner.

3.A good introductory film on Chiropractic (optional).

4.Refreshments (optional).

5.An information table including special brochures about Chiropractic and conditions treated by Chiropractic..

6. Balloons & Stickers with your logo or Caricature from Chiromania for the young ang young at heart. Travel Mugs or Pens for the rest.

Suggested scripts to promote your PAD
On each patient visit tell your patients about your PAD and ask for referrals. Here are some sample scripts your staff might use on each patient visit.

Doctor Sample Script.

“Many of our patients have family and friends who want to come to our office. I know that many times it is the cost of the first visit exam and x-rays that prevents people from seeking care at our office. In order to eliminate this financial barrier we are having a Patient Appreciation Day in which will allow your family and friends to receive their first visit at no charge. This includes everything we do on that visit, even the x-rays if they are needed. This is a great opportunity for your friends and family to find out if we can help them with no obligation.”

“Please do me one favor, do not let these go to waste. Why not give them away today.”

Front Desk Sample Scripts

“Have you thought about who you will be referring for our Patient Appreciation Day?”

“Isn’t it great that you can give your friends a free spinal exam (or 1st visit, etc.).”

“You look great! Have you told your friends how much better they too could feel with Chiropractic care? This is a great time for them to make an appointment for a free consultation/examination during our PAD.”

“Have you mentioned our PAD to your friend?”

“This is a great time to have your children checked for subluxations since we are having a PAD.”

“I bet your husband/wife/secretary/co-worker/neighbor would really appreciate a free examination during our PAD. Have you given him/her a postcard/brochure?”

“A free examination would make a great gift for someone you love.”

Therapy Person Sample Scripts

The therapy person should ask the patient if the Dr. told them about the PAD. Sample scripts for your therapy person to stimulate the patient to think about referrals.

“Do you know anyone who works at a computer? We have a lot of patients who suffer from computer neck. Have you told your friend about our PAD?”

“Lifting children sure can make the back hurt. Why not tell your child’s day care teacher about our PAD?” (Adapt this to fit any occupation the principle remains the same.)

The important thing is to keep talking about you PAD. If you mail your postcards/brochures and then not promote it, the program will not be as successful. You must heavily promote internally. Never feel bad about asking for referrals. Don’t worry that you have already mentioned it three times to the same patient. Your goal should be three times on each visit. That means if the patient comes in three different days a week then you should have used all the samples given above.

The most important thing is for you to have fun with this program and watch your practice grow.

If you try to promote your PAD with a patient and he/she says “I already have one of those I don’t need another.” Just tell them “I’m sorry, I didn’t think I told you about our PAD since no one has called to make an appointment with your referral.

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