Bring Them


11″ X 17″ laminated poster.




18″ X 24″ laminated poster. A prose written from the heart.


Bring me the dying, the sick, the weak at heart.

Bring me the hopeless, the helpless, the lost souls of life.

Bring me those suffering with headaches, neck and back pain.

Bring me the incurable, the ones who have given up.

Bring me the depressed, the confused, those who have nothing to live for.

Bring them to me for I can help.


It is my dream, my wish and my desire,

To lay my hands on the people of the world.

To cure them of their disease, to ease their emotional and physical pain.

The pain life brings upon us,

The pain we live with everyday,

The pain that causes us to die a long, slow, dreadful death.


If only the people would accept the healing.

If only they would release their doubts.

If only I could heal without the fears of the med-legal system.

If only there was no need for money.

If only the people of the world would unite and become one.


I wish I could travel the world on a mission to heal.

A mission to help those less fortunate.

Those who have never felt the touch of a healing hand.

To become one with the people and the universe.

To be the healer The Lord asks me to be.



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