Respiro270 Hyperbaric Package

The Respiro270 Hyperbaric Chamber with the option to add:

  • Oxygen Concentrator, two-way Radio and Cooling System
  • Training – Choose from On-Site or Off-Site
  • LED Light Package for Targeted Hyperbarics
  • Nerve Express Software

Special pricing for Chiropractors and Health Care Providers.

Call Dr. Dave at 317-776-2469 or email for special discount pricing and additional information.



Why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)? 

My wife and I have been doing home hyperbaric treatments for almost three years and it has transformed our lives. I stumbled across HBOT in 2014 at a continuing education seminar. We decided to try HBOT to see if it would help Teri recuperate from the after-effects of lumpectomy, chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer. HBOT not only gave Teri her life back, it also helped me.

Simply put, HBOT reduces inflammation on the cellular level, promotes the formation of new blood vessels and increases ATP production. The benefits include faster healing, decreased joint stiffness, decreased aches and pains, decreased brain fog, improved cognitive abilities and increase in overall energy to name a few. Over 500 NFL players and scores of professional athletes around the world are using OxyHealth mild HBOT chambers to improve their performance and heal quickly. Fast healing is why many hospital wound care centers use HBOT to heal third-degree burns and non-healing diabetic wounds.

HBOT is the perfect complement to Chiropractic. The natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties, the safety record and the added revenue without having to do a lot of physical work are some of the reasons.

Seeing the value HBOT can add to a Chiropractic practice, I designed a package with Wellness Without Limits and OxyHealth that includes training and support so a Chiropractor or Health Care Professional can easily incorporate mild HBOT into their office or home. I started with a three month lease to see if it would help my wife. Three years later HBOT is a regular part of our health care routine and I am a distributor for OxyHealth and Wellness Without Limits. I honestly don’t see how I could perform without HBOT as the years go by. If you are over 50 years old you should seriously consider HBOT!

Once you understand and experience what HBOT does for your body you will have no problem recommending HBOT to your patients. The weekend warrior, stressed-out moms and executives, athletes from all levels, Autistic kids, seniors, diabetics, Baby Boomers looking for Healthy Aging to people who want to feel better in general all can benefit from the physiological benefits of HBOT.

I can answer your questions about HBOT from indications for treatment, mild vs high pressure HBOT, pros and cons, marketing, treatment protocols, what your staff can do, revenue generation and more.

If you are interested in helping people heal from the inside out, naturally, without pushing, pulling, huffing and puffing while adding profit in your pocket then email me or give me a call at 317-776-2469.


David Whiteman, DC


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